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BEsim – BESIX site installation management implemented at Mohamed Bin Rashid Library Quay Wall

BEsim – BESIX site installation management – was introduced in 2017 during the first internal ideation wave of UNLEASH, the BESIX Group innovation program. The idea, to standardise and improve BESIX’s site installation, became one of the 3 selected ideas by the Innovation Board and our CEO Rik Vandenberghe.

In May 2018, the team built the first mock-up in the UAE on the Mohamed Bin Rashid Library Quay Wall project (DCS). The challenge was to combine all selected elements together as per our vision and to meet the project requirements. Nevertheless, this first mock-up made them realise that there is still room for improvement.

In the meantime, Six Construct was very successful in winning tenders, which is what made BEsim immediately a busy vehicle. In the coming months, major parts of our new standard will be installed on DSB, RAP and WIS.

Their main challenge today is to build up a small stock of each element of our improved site installation and to be able to react from day one of a project award, which was not yet possible in recent months. They are convinced that this will be resolved by the end of 2018. At the same time, they are currently working on further improvements, mainly on labour facilities and the AC systems for office cabins.

Of course, all feedback from employees working in the new BEsim site installation environments are welcome.

BEsim – Site installation as a service

For further information, please contact Sven Baccus at