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Join BESIX in co-creating sustainable innovation

Unleash is not an isolated initiative

Building a Culture of Innovation

BESIX has always been innovative and will continue to promote innovation. One of the many ways in which we innovate is through our culture and people. Besix hire talented, passionate and creative employees and encourage them to participate in initiatives that cultivate this value:

  • Dare Change: is BESIX corporate continuous improvement program, which involves the reorganization of our operations. From the first quarter of 2016, all our employees were invited to collaborate on those strategic topics. Since then, significant progress was made by the various dare Change work groups in the areas of risk, performance and knowledge. The strategic development of the topic will be discussed with the members of the Executive Committee as final input to the seminar.
  • BESIX Potential Academy (BPA): is intended for high potentials from the ranks of the entire BESIX Group selected according to their performance and ambitions. Participants have the opportunity to follow business courses, in residential seminar, tailored-made for the Group’s activity. The program gathers a group, coming from various horizons, to spend an intensive week working on elaborating a new business case.

What do they say about BPA

“In one word ‘a unique lifetime experience’.”
“An opportunity to think differently and creatively away from our daily work.”
“It obliged all of us to really challenge our ideas in order to make sure that our concept is sound.”
“Practical approach, real ‘group’ feeling, being focused on the courses in combination with our business case”

BESIX and its subsidaries are already underpinning innovation in everything they do

  • The digitization of our industry is a hot topic. At Besix, we are carefully preparing to make optimal use of the opportunities this evolution offers. Therefore, BESIX is expanding its knowledge in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) towards real Building Information Management (BIM). A good example is the Velsertunnel (the Netherlands), where we combined the detailed 3D model (LOD 400°) with “game” technology in order to determine with the Rijkswaterstraat road traffic manager the exact position of the 77 cameras. With virtual technology, this operation could be done much earlier, thus avoiding the risk of realizing too late that the cameras needed to be placed elsewhere.
  • Franki Foundations and West Construct created BeWind, offering a one-stop shop solution for windmill foundations. Indeed, to meet euorpean directives on renewable energy and CO² reduction, electricity operators are investing in windmills that offer reliable technology. But windmills require solid foundations. On 21 December 2012, West Construct and Franki Foundations announced the birth of BE Wind. Today, clients are offered a total package that combines expertise and experience in the design, project planning and execution of this type of civil engineering work. A good initiative of a series of green projects that are perfectly in line with the Group’s strategy.