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Join BESIX in co-creating sustainable innovation

Apply to the BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator
BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator

Do you want to scale your growth ? So you are definitively at the right place !

The mission of the BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator program is to sustain BESIX Group ambitions to be a leader in open innovation and to excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world

BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator is a worldwide acceleration program – all countries where BESIX Group is operating (20+ countries) and the whole Europe – targeting mainly mature start-ups active in the ConTech or PropTech sectors having the willingness to find new business opportunities and speed up their growth.

If you are still at early stage, on case by case, we will analyze the opportunity to open a collaboration through our Accelerator.

Do you want to know more about BESIX Group? Visit us at

Start-ups in the program

April 2019

fluves logo

Energy & Water Sensoring

nplan logo

Artificial Intelligence

fluves logo


fluves logo

Concrete Sensoring

October 2018

cad42 logo

Well-Being & Safety at Work

kewazo logo

Contruction 4.0

peasandlove logo

Spatial planning

ProperGate logo

Circular Economy & Sustainability

smartcast logo

New Construction Material

If you are a mature start-up active in one the following sectors, we could have a match !

Targeted sectors
  • Circular Economy & Sustainability
  • Construction 4.0 (Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Drones, Project Management Software, Robotics, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing)
  • Digital Transformation (IoT, Sensoring, Smart Building)
  • Energy & Treatment (Air Treatment, Waste Treatment, Water Treatment)
  • Mobility & Infrastructure (Intelligent Road, Mobility as a Service, New Ways of Transport)
  • New Construction Materials
  • Real Estate (Elderly, Co-housing, Small & Smart)
  • Spatial Planning (Compact Living, Green Space, Urban Farming)
  • Well-being & Safety at Work
What can you expect from the BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator ?

The resources you need to succeed

The BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator is a free (no equity taken to enter our program) and tailor made program adapted to your respective needs and ambitions.

The entrance in our program is possible at any time, you just need to contact us.

Depending of your needs, the duration of the acceleration is up to 12 months.

In order to ensure the quality of the support, we will host up to around 10 start-ups at the same time.

Advising and Sponsoring

If you are selected to be part of our acceleration program, we will start our collaboration by a deep dive analysis of your respective needs and attempts in order to establish the best program for you.

Your needs and attempts will evolve so we will repeat this deep dive needs analysis at different stages to be sure you always receive the best support to growth your business.

During the whole acceleration, you will be

  • sponsored by a tandem composed of members of our Executive Committee and our Strategic Circle
  • guided and supported by BESIX Group Start-Ups Advisors (all specialists in their own field)
  • guided and supported by independent Start-Ups Advisors (all specialists in their own field)

Increase the recognition of your company and your products & services within the ConTech and PropTech sectors is key for you. So we will support you to boost your company awareness and recognition via

  • Various BESIX Group communication tools
  • Invitation to BESIX Group internal pitch and demo days event
  • Invitation to international demo days and fairs in Brussels and/or Dubai

With a presence in more than 20 countries and a huge range of specialized subsidiaries, BESIX Group has a great and extended network. Furthermore we are working with lot of diversified partners, all recognized for their professionalism and quality. We will give you access to these networks as from day one.

Products & Services development

Do you need to develop, to enrich your MVP ?

No problem, you will have the opportunity to develop, to test,… your products and services in one the FabLab we selected.

Even better, on case by case, and if relevant, you will have the chance to test it in one of our project sites around the world.

Of course all of this, with the technical assistance and support of our specialists.

Products & Services deployment

The final goal of our acceleration program is to develop your business and speed your growth. So if your solution answers BESIX Group needs, you will have the opportunity to become one of our preferred commercial partner and we will facilitate the integration of your solution within our business units and future projects sites.

Financial support

Do you want to have access to public subsidies ? No problem, we will support you with our partners to find it.

Do you need some loan or equity ? No problem, we will support you to prepare your file and we will put you in contact with our network of Banks and/or Venture Capitalists.

Furthermore, if there is a mutual interest BESIX Group will analyze the opportunity to invest in your company.


Our acceleration program is not a co-working program so we don’t expect you to move. Of course, we are flexible so if you need some office space, we will provide it to you with pleasure in one of the countries we are active.

No co-working does not mean no contact with other start-ups of the program ! On a regular basis we will invite you to meet your peers member of our program.


  • Support to Start-Ups for implementation in UAE

    Ahmed Mekki

  • BIM field expert

    Ahmed Mohamed Sayed

  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)

    Aidan Derek Tooher

  • Construction Site Management

    Alexandre Duthoit

  • Construction 4.0

    Arnaud Dawans

  • Concrete

    Arnaud Geller

  • Smart Building

    Bart Gentens

  • Construction Site Management

    Bjorn Walgraeve

  • Construction methodology in civil works

    Boudewijn Bartholomeus

  • Change Management

    Damien Magerat

  • Project Management in construction

    Denis Mohamed

  • Valorization of start-ups

    Eloy Eylenbosch

  • Construction site performance

    Emmanuel Craenen

  • Implementation & management of operations

    Eric Tranchant

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Florence Lepropre

  • Water Treatment & Energy

    Frank Scheerlinck

  • New construction materials

    Franz Delmarche

  • Start-up creation and international expansion

    Gabriel Hebert

  • Electric automation & installation in industry

    Guido Van Hissenhoven

  • Construction economics

    Guillaume Quinzain

So still interested ? Why should you join BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator ?

  • No equity taken to enter the BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator
  • Tailor made program to boost your growth and business
  • Be part of the BESIX Group worldwide network (we are present in more than 20 countries)
  • Financial support, on case by case
  • Internal BESIX Group pitch and demo day
  • International demo day and fairs in Brussels and/or Dubai

Do you want to join us ?

What is a mature start-up for us ?

  • You have a great and complementary team
  • You already raised some funds
  • You developed a Minimum Viable Product
  • You signed at least your first customer
  • You have a good view of your targeted segments
  • You are active in one of the sectors we are targeting
  • Your vision is aligned with BESIX Group vision

What is an early-stage for us ?

  • You have a great and complementary team
  • Your company is already created
  • You developed a prototype
  • You have a good understanding of the main pains you want to solve
  • You are active in one of the sectors we are targeting
  • Your vision is aligned with BESIX Group vision

Do you want to join us ? Do you want to accelerate your growth with the support of BESIX Group?
If you are a mature start-ups, apply hereunder

If you are an early-stage start-ups, contact us via

We will you contact you very soon to meet you and explain you the selection process !

Apply to the BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator