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Join BESIX in co-creating sustainable innovation

Bootcamp Coach


  • Hi Benjamin, could you please introduce yourself 

For 20 years I have been a Tech Entrepreneur, mainly in software development, e-commerce and insulation materials. Now I am Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Solvay Brussels School and a coach for entrepreneurial projects.

  • How have your personal experiences helped you to coach corporates in their transition or quest for innovation?  

Continuous innovation is the key to long-term impact and success. In the daily life of a corporate entrepreneur this translates into two key sentences: “First listen to your customer” and “Never stop learning”.  The moment you stop listening and learning, you stop reinventing yourself and your business. This is a lesson I learned – sometimes the hard way – and will pass on to the Unleash teams.

  • What are the sucess factors BESIX should focus on? 

BESIX has a long-standing history of innovation, operational excellence and a strong presence in fast-developing regions of the world. That gives BESIX the speed and scale to succeed. On top of that, it is an organization with people open to learn and to adapt while keeping their focus. That combination gives BESIX a very strong advantage to embrace change with optimism!

  • As a coach/investor, what do you personally look for in a startup pitch?

The quality of the team over the quality of the project. The project will rapidly change the minute it is launched. I need to be confident that the team in charge has the skills and agility to evolve at the same pace. Unleash teams have demonstrated they are up for this challenge.