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Terms and conditions

Download our Data protection notice (FR)

A. Intellectual property rights

The concept of, the website’s content, design and layout are protected by intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark rights. This also applies to all images, photos, videos, text and music appearing on the website. As a visitor to the website, you acknowledge and accept these rights. The website is the property of N.V. BESIX S.A. (referred to below as “BESIX”), and therefore BESIX alone has the right to reproduce this website, wholly or in part, to publicize or sell it. No information on this website and/or any part thereof is put online in order to be stored or reproduced. This does not apply to information automatically cached by browsers.

B. Collaboration

BESIX undertakes to consider with due care all ideas put forward by the users on the website. If considered reasonable and beneficial to involved stakeholders, BESIX endeavors to provide mentoring and help in the development of a business model for the given product or solution and other type of support when deemed feasible and relevant. BESIX will also endeavor to provide visibility within partner organizations and help develop any business opportunities that may emerge from the (joint) initiatives. The services to be provided may differ depending on the interests, needs and activities of the users.

It is entirely at BESIX’s discretion as to whether or not BESIX wishes to do a proof of concept and/or proof of value and/or enter into any commercial arrangement with any user. There are also no such obligations on the users’ side.

C. Disclaimer


BESIX accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses of any nature (direct, indirect or resulting from visiting the website, etc.) which may be suffered by users of the website. Visits to the website are always at the responsibility of the visitor and the same applies to guidance and information obtained. Furthermore, BESIX accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss of data or other losses caused by carelessness on the part of the visitor or the failure of the website, even if BESIX has been alerted to the existence of certain problems and/or potential losses for users or third parties visiting BESIX accepts no liability whatsoever for loss and/or damage of any kind arising from access to, use and/or downloading of all or part of the website. This also includes any decisions taken by users and/or third parties based on information found on the website.


BESIX will make every effort to ensure that the website remains available to its visitors at all times. BESIX also reserves the right to suspend or cancel all or part of the website without prior warning. BESIX accepts no liability whatsoever for loss and/or damage of any nature associated with access to the website. BESIX aims to ensure that the information and documents contained on the site are complete, accurate and up to date. However, BESIX makes no warranty whatsoever regarding the possible presence of errors, omissions or obsolete data on the website.


The website contains links to other websites. These websites are not under BESIX’s control. Therefore, BESIX cannot be held liable for the content and operation of external websites referenced or for negative consequences which may result for the consultation and/or use of such websites in any manner whatsoever.


BESIX makes every effort to ensure that the website is free of all bugs, viruses, spam and trojans. Nevertheless, the possibility cannot be ruled out that they may still be present. BESIX accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss and/or damage suffered by visitors who become infected while visiting the site. BESIX therefore urges you to always protect yourself with a firewall, antivirus software and all other possible protection when you are online in order to avoid any trouble.

Data traffic

Uploading certain data to the site such as credit card numbers, etc. is at your own risk. While BESIX takes all necessary steps to ensure that information transfer takes place in a secure manner, BESIX accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss resulting from the loss of certain data and/or its interception by third parties. BESIX therefore recommends that you use the software necessary for the proper operation of the website and take particular care of your personal data.


The website uses cookies. These are small pieces of information which the website sends to your web browser in order to save identifying data on your hard drive. This enables registered users to log in faster on their next visit and then benefit from certain special services. BESIX reserves the right to use these cookies to personalize your experience on the website. To delete these cookies, please refer to the instructions for your browser. You can disable this option in your browser settings. If you do so, you may not be able to access or use certain parts and/or features of the website.


Personal data collected by BESIX (when registering on the website or subscribing to the newsletter) is covered by Section 4(1) of the Belgian Data Protection Act of 8 December 1992. Certain information is also collected from users in log files. This enables BESIX to identify traffic on the website and to analyze the profiles of users of the website. BESIX reserves the right to modify this data and to pass it on to third parties. You can access information relating to your user profile at any time and are free to amend it.


Advertising. All advertisements appearing on the website are created by third parties working with BESIX accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the legality, accuracy, content, operation and/or quality of the goods and/or services presented.
Hypertext links to the site must not be created without the prior permission of BESIX. Once you have obtained this permission, you should direct your links to the homepage of the website.


BESIX does not send spam. You will only receive emails from BESIX about your user information for the website. If you receive any other kind of email from, please notify us at We will take the necessary steps to ensure that you stop receiving these unwanted emails.

D. Conclusion


This legal notice is divided into sections. Consequently, the invalidity of any one section does not invalidate the remainder of the legal notice in any way. If part of this legal notice is considered and declared to be too broad, it nevertheless applies to the extent permitted by law. Conversely, if any part of this legal notice is considered to be null and void, BESIX will replace it with another provision as close as possible to the economic effect of the party declared invalid.


Any dispute whatsoever which may arise from access to and/or use of the website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Brussels.

Applicable law

Belgian law alone applies. Therefore, this legal notice may be amended in view of changes to legislation, etc. without prior notice. We recommend that you check periodically whether any changes have occurred. Such amendments will take effect as soon as they appear on the website.


You can email any questions about this legal notice to The current version is valid from 26 February 2017. All rights reserved.